Sai Satcharitra
The Story of Shirdi Sai Baba's Life
Sai Baba's Original Photograph
Chapter 1 Story of Grinding Wheat and Its Philosophical Significance
Chapter 2 Object of Writing the Work
Chapter 3 Sai Baba’s Sanction and Promise
Chapter 4 Sai Baba's First Advent in Shirdi
Chapter 5 Sai Baba's Return to Shirdi
Chapter 6 Rama-Navami Festival and Masjid Repairs
Chapter 7 Wonderful Incarnation
Chapter 8 Importance of Human Birth
Chapter 9 Characteristic of Shirdi Pilgrimage
Chapter 10 Sai Baba's Mode of Life
Chapter 11 Sai as Sagun Brahman
Chapter 12 Sai Leelas - I
Chapter 13 Sai Leelas - II
Chapter 14 Sai Leelas - III
Chapter 15 Sai Leelas - IV
Chapter 16-17 Sai Leelas - V
Chapter 18-19 Sai Leelas
Chapter 20 Sai Leelas
Chapter 21 Sai Leelas
Chapter 22 Sai Leelas
Chapter 23 Sai Leelas
Chapter 24 Baba's Wit and I lumour
Chapter 25 Sai Leelas
Chapter 26 Sai Leelas
Chapter 27 Sai Leelas
Chapter 28 Sparrows Drawn To Shirdi
Chapter 29 Sai Leelas
Chapter 30 Drawn To Shirdi
Chapter 31 Passing Away In Baba's Presence
Chapter 32 In Quest of Guru and God
Chapter 33 Greatness of Udi - I
Chapter 34 Greatness of Udi - II
Chapter 35 Tested And Never Found Wanting
Chapter 36 Sai Leelas
Chapter 37 Chavadi Procession
Chapter 38 Baba's Handi
Chapter 39 Baba's Knowledge of Sanskrit
Chapter 40 Stories of Baba
Chapter 41 Story of the Picture
Chapter 42 Baba's Passing Away
Chapter 43-44 Samadhi-Mandir
Chapter 45 Kakasaheb's Doubt and Anandrao's Vision
Chapter 46 Baba's gaya Trip
Chapter 47 Baba's Reminiscences
Chapter 48 Warding off Devotee's Calamities
Chapter 49 Sai Leelas
Chapter 50 Sai Leelas
Chapter 51 Epilogue